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"“As a small business owner and lifelong resident of the Oshkosh area, I care about our local community. A volunteer for Otter Street Fishing Club for nearly 50 years, I am dedicated to keeping Lake Winnebago safe and improving our area. A political outsider, I’m running for office to bring my real-world experience, small business owner’s voice, and commitment to Oshkosh to the State Assembly.”


Donnie's Plan to Get Us Back on Track

Fix Wisconsin's Economy

Inflation is on the rise, and pocketbooks across Wisconsin are feeling the squeeze. As a local business owner, Donnie knows how to balance a checkbook. A political outsider, he will work to stop reckless government spending, balance the budget, and reduce the tax burden on Wisconsin families so you are able to keep more of your hard-earned money.

Empower Parents and Put Kids First

The last two years have been challenging for our families and schools. Donnie supports reforms to give parents more information, transparency, and options when it comes to their child’s education. He will always push for policies that truly put our kids first.

Keep Oshkosh Safe

Donnie knows that we must make sure Oshkosh’s streets are safe for our families and kids. As your state representative, he will work to strengthen our laws to hold criminals accountable, keep violent offenders off our streets, and support our law enforcement.

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